Friday, October 08, 2004

The Zoo, Part II

Cool pink flamingoes
I'm not really a bird person, but these flamingoes are pretty cool.
How can something so pink not be cool?
And who would have thought that the most comfortable
sleeping position is standing on one foot with your neck
twisted around so your chin is on your back??

Orangutan using the O-line crossing
Orangutan using the O-line. The 130m (400 feet) O-line allows the orangutans to travel between two buildings. Check out the zoo's website for more pics of the O-line.

Giraffes are tall
Everytime I see a giraffe all I can think of is the Lions in Kenya song.

Big grey elephant
Here's an elephant.
Not much to say really, it's just an elephant - big and grey.

Chompy alligator
Chomp... Chomp... Chomp... Grrr...

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