Monday, September 13, 2004

Lions in Kenya (forget Norway!)

Have you ever checked out the 'toons on If not, you should because you are missing out on some great stuff such as badger badger badger (and occasionally a mushroom or a cut snake) and potato potato potato (chips!). My personal favourite is the Lions in Kenya.

dancing lion

We're gonna see lions
Only in Kenya
Come to Kenya, we've got lions

We're gonna see tigers
Only in Kenya
Got lions and tigers only in Kenya

Forget Norway!
Kenya, oh Kenya
Where the giraffes are
And the zebra

Kenya, Kenya, Kenya
Kenya, come to Kenya
Can you believe it?!

Lyrics from

dancing tiger


Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine, this is Caroline proving I do stop by occasionally to see you're still having fun over there.

Thought you'd want to know that there are now Cheetahs in Adelaide, as well as Lions in Kenya. Eight cheetah cubs were born a few days ago to one of the cheetahs in the breeding programme at the Monarto zoo. Two cubs died when their mother got sick so now they are hand raising the rest, who are all doing well.

Here is a news story, a little out of date (on the radio this morning they seemed more optimistic about the six cubs, who are all gaining weight).

Daily said...

Tigers in Kenya? I can't believe it - it's frigging Africa not Asia ;p