Sunday, October 24, 2004

New York Cat Show, Part IV

I had never met a Maine Coon kitty in real life before. I'd only read about them. I knew they were big kitties, but I didn't really appreciate how big till I saw them for myself!

Hello. I'm a Maine Coon kitty
This lovely kitty weighs over 10 kgs
(more than double the weight of an average moggie).

Maine Coons are very placid cats
Maine Coons are very placid cats

There were lots of ooohhhhs and aaahhhs from the crowd whenever this enormous kitty was taken for a walk!
There were lots of "ooohhhhs" and "aaahhhs" from the crowd whenever this enormous kitty was taken for a walk!

Big beautiful kitty
Maine Coons come in lots of different colours

Another big beautiful kitty
Something they all have in common is that they are huge (and beautiful, obviously)


Sam said...

Those are some nice lookin' cats.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Maine Coons. I think mostly the bigger show cats are placid, I have a pure silver male maine coon, and he is quite playful, especially around water.
Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

hey wonderfu kat i was wondering if someone could tell me where can i get a gigagnt kat like that ive been looking for that kind, i dont even know its name

Anonymous said...

Hola, soy de Chile (sudamèrica), mi nombre es Carla...vendes cachorros de esta raza y còmo puedo encantan los gatos y esta raza en Chile, al parecer no es posible de conseguir.

Jasmine said...

Hola Carla. Estos gatos son definitivamente muy bellos! Sin embargo, no son míos. Yo solamente les tome fotografías hace algunos años cuando fui al Cat Show de Nueva York.

stephanie said...

The silver & white maine coon looks so much like my maine coon that passed away a little over a month ago. They look so much alike it's scary! I miss my baby so much!