Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Zoo, Part III

Me out the front of the National Zoo in Washington DC
Here's me at the entrance gates to the zoo

It's a caracal!
Here's a lovely caracal.
You can't see it in the photo above,
but caracals have long tufts of black fur
on the tips of their ears. Very cute.

Relaxed lions
These zoo lions are doing what zoo lions do best - sleeping.

The lions are still pretty relaxed
The boy lion woke up long enough to move from one patch
of grass to another. These lions are pretty relaxed. I guess
it's easy to be so relaxed when you're the king of the jungle.

Snoozing lion and fearless squirrel
Note the squirrel in the foreground of this picture.
As you can see, the little squirrel is fearlessly collecting nuts
(or whatever it is that squirrels collect) in the lions den.
This squirrel is saying "danger? haha! I laugh in the face of danger!"
Actually, he's probably saying "yeah, right, and they call you
the king of the jungle! Whatever!"

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