Saturday, September 04, 2004

Thumbs down for Twist

A place which was far less impressive is where we went to lunch today - Twist (on M Street in Georgetown). What was so bad about it? Well, let me start with the coffee.

As I picked up the spoon to stir the coffee, I noticed that the spoon was so dirty that the handle was sticky to touch. So, I put the spoon down and sipped the coffee. It was luke-warm. Hmmm. Not a good start.

Then, after drinking almost cold coffee, and waiting and waiting and waiting for our food, the waiter informed us that not only had he forgotten to give our order to the kitchen, but he'd also lost the piece of paper he'd written our order on!

At this point we obviously considered ditching the place and looking for somewhere else to eat. Against our better judgment we decided to stay. So, we gave the waiter our order a second time. (To be fair, I should mention that the waiter gave us some bread and dip after the stuff up.)

Eventually we got our food. I had ordered a chicken salad, but it was so drenched with dressing that it was more like dressing soup with some lettuce leaves and chicken floating in it. If I hadn't been so hungry - especially after waiting so long for the food - I probably would have left most of it.

This is one place that I'm definitely not keen to visit again.


Anonymous said...

But the interior decoration in the cafe was nice!


Matt said...

Yep, definitely two thumbs down. Sorry for recommending it Jazz! But in happier news your blog and website are coo'!