Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Rubik's cube makes a comeback!

Last month I read an article about the Rubik's Cube making a comeback. Apparently sales of the Rubik's Cubes had increased by up to 300% in some major stores compared to the same period last year.

scrambled cube

If more people were buying cubes, I wondered if that meant more people were Googling for cube solutions? To test this idea, I checked the stats for my Beginner Solution to the Rubik's Cube page. I noticed that there had been a significant increase in visitors through December 2004 and January 2005. There was a noticeable spike for the two days following Christmas where the number of hits was up by about 250%!

I can only assume this means lots of people got cubes for Christmas!

solved cube


Paul F. said...

Well Jasmine, I account for at least two of those sales, having purchased one for Britt and another for my young cousin. Of course, after we met you, clearly our interest in the Cube returned, so if you multiply that by everyone else who you've met, I think you must have helped push those sales up ;)

Jasmine said...

And I've been teaching several people over here who've bought cubes too!

Paul F. said...

Britt managed to solve it in a few days. I've yet to try it, so I'll have to wait until we see you again so you can give me some tips.


Jasmine said...

This is awesome news. I think you need to get Britt a 4x4x4 then! :)

Anonymous said...

It dosent looking like the pdf for it is working though. its kind of long to print out the way it is..

Anonymous said...

The cube shown at the top and the solved cube below it cannot be the same cube.