Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Cat Writers' Association

I just found the most awesome organisation -- the Cat Writers' Association.

Cat Writers Association. Cats who write? Or people who write about cats? (This kitty-on-a-keyboard pic comes from the Pawsense website)

No, it's not an association of cats who write. It's an association of people who write about cats. More specifically, "the Cat Writers' Association, Inc. (CWA) is an organization of professionals writing, publishing and broadcasting about cats".

Here are some of the goals of the Cat Writers' Association:

  • Be a major influence for the good of cats by providing news, information, and education on all aspects of cats
  • Improve the quality of writing about cats
  • Encourage cat writing in general newspapers and magazines

The site has a book list with some cool titles including:

And while checking out some of these books I also found the following:

I think I shall have to acquire some of these books!

I actually already have a fairly extensive collection of cat books (general cat health, cat breeds, cat genetics, cat metabolism, cat psychology, cat behaviour, cat mythology, cat cartoons, cats in art, cat photography, fictional cats, real life cat stories). I counted the collection a couple of years ago and it was in excess of 50 books. I've certainly bought many more since then so I'm not sure where it's at now!

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