Saturday, January 15, 2005

Motorola V550

I got a new mobile phone yesterday. It's the Motorola V550.

Motorola V550

This phone has zillions of features that my previous phones didn't, however, my favourite thing about this new phone is that it's a flip phone. I just love the flip style phones! It means I never have to worry about the keylock coming off and the phone accidentally making calls (used to happen sometimes with previous non-flip phones of mine). Also, it means I don't have to worry about the screen getting scratched when the phone gets bumped around in my bag.

Motorola V550

My previous phone in Australia was the Sony Ericsson T68i. It was a very nice phone, but it was not a flip phone. I chose it mainly because it had bluetooth (for connecting to my iPAQ) and it was triband. My phone before that was the Motorola v3688. The v3688 is still the most stylish phone I've ever had and is one of my favourites, even though it doesn't have half the features of the T68i. Before the T68i and the v3688 I had a Motorola v2088. I chose this one merely because it was one of the free options on the mobile plan I wanted. Before the v2088 I had a huge chunky Nokia whose model number escapes me. I've never really been tempted by Nokia phones. I'm sure they've very good phones (so many people have Nokias!) but they are not very attractive or stylish. I've always found Motorola phones to be more aesthetically pleasing. :)

The user interface of my new phone is much more complicated than my previous phones. I guess this is unavoidable since it has so many more features. Interestingly, things that should have been easy to work out I found confusing (e.g. deleting a contact), whereas things that should have been more complicated (e.g. getting my iPAQ and my phone to talk to each other via bluetooth and transfer information) I worked out without any trouble.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love flip phones as well. My current phone - the Motorola MPx220 - is the first flip phone that I've had, and there's definitely an element of 'coolness' to flipping open a mobile phone to take a call. The ones with an external LCD are also good, because they show who's ringing, and if you've assigned a photo to that contact, their picture as well! I'm big on 'screening calls', so this is especially handy.

Jasmine said...

The MPx220? Mmmm. Nice! I remember eyeing off the earlier model (MPx200) ages ago on websites before they were released in Australia. I was pretty keen, but never ended up getting one.

Marissa said...

Not having to worry about the keylock is cool, but unfortunately my flip phone has a camera key on the side, and the occasional bad habit of taking hundreds of photos of the inside of my bag :(

Jasmine said...

I haven't used the camera on my new phone so I don't yet know where the buttons are. I shall have to look out for this!

Michiel van der Blonk said...

Ok, so you're using Motorola. I am a Nokia fan, so is Yasmara. I have had a Motorola once and ditched it after a couple of weeks. They are terrible (flame flame). Once you try a Nokia you can't turn back. Why? Ease of use. Motorola guys know their tech stuff, but they haven't heard of HCI (Human Computer Interaction). A complex system can be made bery user friendly, and Nokia always does that. Ehm, can we still be friends now I said this?

Jasmine said...

I have had several Nokias before, as well as several other Motorolas, and one Sony Ericsson. I was fairly indifferent about the Nokias, and they definitely weren't as stylish as the other brands! ;) Which Motorola did you have that caused you so much angst?