Wednesday, July 26, 2006

London does have a summer

I'm happy to discover that London does in fact have a summer. I was here most of last year and there was no summer! Summer is a season, therefore an occasional warm day scattered here and there does not count, and two consecutive days of 27 degrees is certainly not a "heatwave".

Recently, there have been many weeks of temperatures in the high 20s and even up to 30 degrees! (in Celcius that is). Compared to Australia, this is not a hot summer as it regularly gets to the high 30s and up to 40 degrees in Canberra every summer. However, I'm quite satisfied with temperatures in the range 25-32 degrees.

Meanwhile, my English friends are all melting. This summer has been unusually warm for London and they are not used to it. I think their ideal temperature is 20 degrees or cooler! Brrr!! I, on the other hand, have totally not acclimatised to the English weather and complain about it consistently. Except for the last few weeks that is. :)


Michiel van der Blonk said...

and here's the 5 day weather forecast for Oranjestad, Aruba:
Monday: good
Tuesday: good
Wednesday: good
Thursday: good
Friday: good


Jasmine said...

I'm guessing that forecast applies almost all year round? :)

I imagine that the Aruba weather would be much more to my liking than English weather! :)

I visited Hawaii earlier this year and even in the middle of "winter" it was 26 degrees. Mmmm... my sort of "winter"!!