Saturday, July 08, 2006

What do Chupa Chups and Salvador Dali have in common?

Often when I go to tourist attractions I like to check the Wikipedia entry to get some background and further info. I am able to do this on-the-fly wherever I go because I have a local copy of Wikipedia on my iPAQ (iPAQs are awesome and Wikipedia is awesome so it makes sense to combine them!).

Anyway, Peter and I went to a Dali exhibition recently in Bruges. While there, I checked out the Wikipedia entry on Salvador Dali and learnt an interesting bit of Dali trivia. According to Wikipedia, Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo for the Spanish lollipop company!

I found this very interesting for two reasons. One reason is that I didn't know that Chupa Chups were Spanish (I had assumed American), and the other reason is that it's totally cool that a lollipop company had their logo designed by one of the most famous surrealist artists. Although I guess he might not have been quite as famous at the time he did this work.

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Anonymous said...

I know! I heard the same thing! I can't look at sweet packets in the same way now! Maybe there's a Man Ray jelly tots packet somewhere!!