Saturday, May 28, 2005

More weather ramblings

At the beginning of the week when I checked Weather Panel on my iPAQ, I saw the following. This once again confirmed for me that London weather is horrible compared to Canberra weather.

London weather
Crap London weather

Canberra weather
Nice Canberra weather

Turns out that by the end of the week, the weather in London had improved and it was a nice sunny day on Friday (about 27 degrees Celsius). On the train on Friday morning I picked up Metro (free commuter newspaper) and read that it was going to be a similarly nice sunny day on Saturday, but would be colder and greyer again by Sunday. The thing I found quite ridiculous about this is obviously not that the weather would go crap so quickly, but that two consecutive days of 27 degrees is considered a 'heatwave'. Yes, seriously. The newspaper said something about 'the heatwave will be over by Sunday'.

BTW, this is what the Weather Panel had to say about Arlington. All over the place - everything from happy suns to grumpy thunder clouds with lightning. Crazy stuff.

Arlington weather
Crazy Arlington weather

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