Friday, July 14, 2006

Travels with Tigger

I found this great site ages ago - Travels with Tigger. This Tigger has been travelling for almost 10 years and has been keeping an online photo blog of his awesome adventures. I showed this site to Mr and Mrs Cookie and they thought it was totally cool.

Mr and Mrs Cookie have had a great time travelling to different cities around the world and have taken a lot of photos. They are just waiting for Peter and I to get our act together and build them a website. For now though, they are happy to make appearances on our blogs.

Mr and Mrs Cookie on the beach at Brighton, United Kingdom
Mr and Mrs Cookie on the beach at Brighton


cookie said...

Thx for sharing this website "Travels With Trigger." It's so coooool~~~ And I like your picture of Mr. and Mrs. Cookie,too. By the way, I'm Cookie.Ha~~~from Taiwan

Crystalina said...

...I randomly google cookie on and I got this picture XD...

Anonymous said...

im at skool. up to my shinanagins.