Friday, May 06, 2005

Cutest eBay item ever: Name this Kitty

A nice lady is looking to adopt a stray kitty who's been visiting her apartment every day. She and her two kitties, Poustaki and Figgy, like the stray kitty and are happy to have him around, however, due to expensive vet bills for Figgy (who has asthma) and Poustaki (who has cerebellar hypoplasia), she can't really afford the set-up costs to adopt the stray kitty.

So, she came up with clever the idea of auctioning off the naming rights to the kitty to raise the money for the vet bills! Click here to visit the eBay auction for naming the kitty or here to email the nice lady about paypal donations.

Below is an adorable slideshow of Poustaki, Figgy and the yet-to-be-named kitty.

Poustaki and Figgy's Excellent Adventure. Slideshow used with permission.
Poustaki and Figgy's Excellent Adventure

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