Friday, March 04, 2005

Bluetooth Jabra BT250 headset

I got a cool bluetooth Jabra BT250 headset to go with my new phone and I love it!!

Jabra 250 bluetooth headset

I've had corded hardfree devices before and never really got into them, but now I use the bluetooth one all the time. Another cool thing is that because I have long hair (and usually wear it out in the winter time to keep my neck and ears from freezing) you can barely even see the headset when I'm wearing it.

This has the benefit of not making me look like a cybergeek if I'm wearing it on the train, and I do often wear it on the train otherwise I'd never hear the phone ring in my bag. However, it has the downside of people possibly thinking that I'm talking to myself. Hopefully most people realise that I'm actually talking into a handfree headset rather than to myself -- if so, I guess they might then think I'm a geek, but that's better than them thinking I'm crazy!

Peter was initally very jealous of my whizzy bluetooth cordless handsfree, but then he decided he didn't really like it. He said he prefered the corded ones! Crazy talk! Now Peter has scored his own bluetooth headset and is quite getting into it.

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