Sunday, March 20, 2005

Blogging and RSS feeds

I'm glad that many of my friends have blogs. Makes it much easier to keep track of who's doing what and where and when.

My preferred medium for catching up with everyone's blogs is to sync the latest entries to my iPAQ hx4705 using an aggregator. For this I am currently using Egress. Then I can read them on-the-go without having to be online. My most common blog reading time is on the train, or while waiting for the train.

Some of the blogs I regularly read had RSS feeds already. For those which didn't, I had to hassle the authors to set this up. ;) (BTW, thanks guys for doing this.) Fortunately, they were all using Blogger and it's very easy to publish an XML feed if you have a Blogger blog.

Something else I noticed is that I think Blogger might now have the RSS feed turned on by default. I suspect this because of the following exchange via comments with one of my friends who blogs:

Me: Have you thought about turning on the RSS feed for your blog so I can
sync it through my RSS feeder (Egress) on my hx4705?

Friend with blog: Do I want to what with my what now?

I gather from this exchange that she hadn't actively turned on RSS, however, it turns out that her blog was actually publishing the XML feed. There had just been something wrong with my net connection at the time which prevented me from grabbing it.

Yay for blogging. Yay for RSS feeds.

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Marissa said...

Yay for blogger nursing me through my technological ignorance!