Monday, March 28, 2005

Papageno restaurant

Peter and I had dinner at Papageno tonight. I've been interested to try this restaurant since the first time we walked past it months ago.

There are two reasons why I was keen to visit Papageno. One reason is because of its name. Papageno is a character from my favourite opera, Die Zauberflöte. The other reason is because of the awesome interior. Their website describes the interior as "a busy concoction of colourful stage props, flamboyant artwork, gilt furniture and heavy drapes" and the decor as "an exuberant cross between an opera set and Aladdin's Cave". Lots of draped purple and burgundy fabric and gold trimmings. I just love it! Very much my sort of thing. :)

As for the food, our entrees were good, but the main meals were fairly pedestrian. As we were finishing our main meals we saw someone setting up a keyboard and music stand. Turns out that there was going to be some live opera later in the evening! Even though we were both quite full after two courses, we decided to order coffee and dessert so we could stick around for the opera.

For dessert we had a very nice crème brulee. It was definitely the yummiest part of the dinner. After dessert, the second very nice surprise happened (the first being the live opera). The waitress brought out a complimentary fruit platter! We were both so incredibly full by this point that all we could manage was a few strawberries and a kiwi fruit. Mmmm.


Paul F. said...

Nothing better than Creme Brulee. I especially enjoy Pumpkin Creme Brulee, and if you can find it, Lavnendar Creme Brulee (some French places have this now and then). Sounds like an interesting place....


Jasmine said...

Lavendar Creme Brulee? Wow, never seen that before!