Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Average of 10

I did an average of 10 the other day and got 37.98 seconds! I was quite happy with this as it's faster than my average (usually ~40 seconds). For non-cubers reading this, I should explain than an 'average of 10' means doing 12 consecutive solves, discarding the fastest and slowest and then averaging the remaining 10.

I used Chris Hunt's JNetCube application to randomly generate the scrambles, and also to time the solves. Here is the summary of the average of 10:

Average: 37.98 seconds
Individual Times: 39.58, 38.28, 41.03, (46.41), 36.94, 39.16, 37.19, 35.96, 37.80, 32.66, (31.72), 41.24
Fastest Time: 31.72
Slowest Time: 46.41
Standard Deviation: 02.54
Here are the scrambles.

Scramble 1: D2 B2 D2 R2 B D' B2 U2 D2 R2 F' U' D' L2 U2 F L' F' U F2 L D' R' L F2
Time: 39.58s

Scramble 2: D F2 R2 B2 L' F2 R U2 R B2 R L U2 D L D L' U F2 L D' U' R' D U'
Time: 38.28s

Scramble 3: L2 D R2 B2 F' L' R2 D' B' L2 F2 D' U2 R F B2 U' B' R L2 F' D R' U' L
Time: 41.03s

Scramble 4: B2 F R L D B2 L2 F L2 B U' L U' L' B' R' L B L2 U R' D R F2 L'
Time: 46.41s

Scramble 5: B' L2 B R' L D R' B' U2 L' D U2 R' U' F' L' F' B D2 F R2 D2 U2 F2 D2
Time: 36.94s

Scramble 6: L2 U2 R L2 F' B2 U' L F' D2 B2 R B' F R2 B' L R2 D2 U' R L' F R2 F
Time: 39.16s

Scramble 7: U2 B2 L R' F' D B' L U' F B2 R F2 B' L2 F2 L2 D2 R' F' D2 R2 U' R B
Time: 37.19s

Scramble 8: L F2 R D2 R' B2 L2 D' L R F' B' U' D' F' R U2 D2 L U2 D2 R' D2 R' U
Time: 35.96s

Scramble 9: F2 D2 L' U' B' R B L D' U2 R' B D' B L D' L' R' B' D U2 R' F' D' F2
Time: 37.80s

Scramble 10: U B' L' B2 D' B2 F2 L2 U D' F' B D2 U' B' L2 R B' L' B R2 L2 B2 U2 D'
Time: 32.66s

Scramble 11: F2 L' R D2 U L' F2 U2 B' L B' L2 R F' D' L' D' U2 B' D2 F' U R' U' D
Time: 31.72s

Scramble 12: L' D U B R U B' L2 U' F2 U2 L' B R D B' F2 D2 L' R B L2 B U D'
Time: 41.24s


Michiel van der Blonk said...

I was wondering how your average was doing by now. I see you have improved though not to sub20 yet. Neither have I by the way. I have hit a wall at 22 that just won't go away. Maybe I need to go to Hogwarts to learn how to go through that wall.

Jasmine said...

Wow, 22s is good. I don't think I'll ever get there. I've actually been stuck around 40s for ages. I can regularly do sub-40s solves, but I'm still averaging around 40s. The 37.xx average was better than usual. I've only once or twice done a sub-35s average, and it's quite rare for me to do a sub-30s solve (although it does happen every now and then).

Still, my current average is much better than at RWC2003. My first sub-1min average of 10 was only 1-2 weeks before RWC2003. What were you averaging at RWC2003? Are you going to RWC2005?

Anonymous said...

hello.jasmine,,I'm a cuber too,I'm chinese,,but now I'm studying in Brisbane,,I can solve the cube in about 50s or 45s,now my cube's paper almost become white
(I bought it from Rubik's shop),I want to buy one 3x3x3 in Brisbane,,Can u tell me where to buy?thank you!

Jasmine said...

Most major toy stores stock 3x3x3 cubes from time to time. If they don't have any on the shelf, ask someone in the shop about it.

Alternatively, you could resticker your existing cube if the problem is just with the stickers. One thing I've tried is coloured electrical tape I purchased from a hardware store. Have a look at my blog entry about this.