Monday, August 08, 2005

Rubik's Magic

Until very recently, I hadn't really played with the Rubik's Magic much since it first came out in Australia, which I think was in 1986 - a very long time ago!

Last month at the UK speedcubers meeting, the guys convinced me to enter this event in our unofficial competition. I'm glad they did because I enjoyed the puzzle more than I expected to. So much so that I signed up for this event (among others) when I registered for the Dutch Open.

Since I'm now going to compete in this event at an official competition, I thought should really do some practice. So, tonight I did a 100 solves. Here are the results:

Average: 04.15s
Fastest Time: 03.22s
Slowest Time: 06.46s
Standard Deviation: 00.63s

And here are the results for the best average based on rolling averages during the 100 solves:

Average: 03.58s
Fastest Time: 03.22s
Slowest Time: 04.41s
Standard Deviation: 00.23s
Individual Times: 03.70, 03.90, (03.22), 03.22, 03.42, (04.41), 03.23, 03.82, 03.66, 03.72, 03.58, 03.50 (yes, I really did get two 3.22s solves in a row followed shortly after by a 3.23s - I was pretty surprised too!)

All solves were timed with JNetCube.

I'm pretty happy with these results since all the solves were done without using the magic flip trick. I've kinda forgotten how to do this trick, and also I'm not yet ready to risk breaking my Magic!

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