Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Posh Spice claims to have never read a book. Ever.

Posh Spice says that she has never read a book. Ever. I'd believe it if she said she hasn't read a book since she had kids, or hasn't read a book since she joined the Spice Girls, but hasn't read a book ever? How is this possible? Did she not graduate from high school? That's a not a rhetorical question, BTW, I actually don't know the answer, but I assume it's yes. And what about primary school? Surely she read at least one book? How did she pass English (assuming she did pass English) if she didn't read books??

I just don't believe it. I know we're talking about Posh Spice here, but c'mon, no one is that lame!


Marissa said...

I don't know, for most people it would be a stretch, but I'm prepared to believe that Posh Spice really could be that lame.

Rob Torborg said...

I do not think so.