Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New personal best time: 22.76 seconds

I was cubing on the train last night and I set a new personal best non-lucky single solve time: 22.76 seconds. The scramble and time was done using Grant Tregay's iPAQ application - CubeTimes2Go.

This is a big milestone for me because it's the first time I've beaten the original world record (22.95 seconds) set by Minh Thai at the first World Championships in Budapest in 1982. That world record stood until it was broken at the Rubik's World Championships 2003 in Toronto.

The current official world record is 12.11 seconds. This time was set last year by Macky at the Caltech Spring Tournament.


Dave said...

Nice time! You are sure to impress people come November. Do you have the scramble available so others can try it? Good luck!

Jasmine said...

Sorry, I forgot to save the scramble! Thanks for your vote of confidence, but this was just a single best time, my best average is much slower (~31 seconds) and my real average is even slower: 35 seconds.

My current aim at each competition is just to set a faster time than I did in the previous competition. Shouldn't be too hard to achieve this since my last competition was a year ago (US Nationals) and my best time there was 46 seconds!

Dave said...

Exactly, and going from 46 to 35 seconds would be impressive! See, you are sure to impress. I am just hoping I don't choke and hit all 30+ times. I am envious that you have as much competition experience as you do. It amazes me that you are able to find your way around the world like you do. No worries about the scramble, I just like to try other people's fastest times myself. The Unofficial list is riddled with easy scrambles! Try them.

Jasmine said...

I totally choked at the US Nationals. :( My average at the time was about 42 seconds and my average at the competition was 50+ seconds. :( I just got really nervous on stage and kept stuffing up algs. :(

Last month I did a lot of publicity (TV, radio, magazine) for the 25th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube. In addition to solving the cube on television, I also did an entire afternoon of speedsolving demos for the public at Hamley toy store. I think this was really useful for helping me feel more relaxed while solving in public and I think it will help my competition nerves!

I've been pretty lucky that some of my travel plans have coincided with international speedcubing events - this is how I managed to get to Worlds 2003 and US Nationals 2004. :)

I'm also going to the Dutch Open later this year. I feel like such an international cuber! :)