Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dutch Cube Championships 2005

I have just registered for the Dutch Open. This will be my first official competition since the US Nationals in July 2004. Should be lots of fun.

The Dutch Cube Day and Dutch Open Championships are being held in Eindhoven at the Mikrocentrum. BTW, here's a map of Eindhoven.

Have you registered yet??

solved cube


N & M said...

Go Jazzy!! You´ll win no probs, providing you don´t sample too much of the local produce...

Jasmine said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence but given that the UK speedcubing champ (averages ~18 seconds) is going, I don't think my chances are too good. I reckon the European champ (who is also the Belgium champ) will probably be there too. I think he's even faster!! :)