Monday, July 11, 2005

Pretty Kitty

I met a kitty on the stairs the other day. Isn't she lovely? The quality of the photo is fairly craptacular because it was taken on a camera phone instead of a proper camera, but it's still very obvious how beautiful she is. I call her Pretty Kitty because she is so pretty.

Pretty kitty is very pretty
Here's Pretty Kitty after I played with her in Photoshop.

Pretty kitty is very pretty
The colours in the original image (above) from the camera phone were a bit washed out.


Marissa said...

That is indeed a very pretty kitty. Yay - you found a new friend!

Momma said...

She is very much a pretty kitty.

Nat said...

Well I think it is an ugly fat hairy kitty. But that is mostly coz it would make me sneeze.

Miranda said...

Miranda doesn´t think anything.

Jasmine said...

I think she's beeeautiful!