Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Average of 10: new personal best time

I siliconed my current favourite speedcube tonight and it was such a good idea. I broke my best average-of-10 by more than 2 seconds!

solved cube

I was on the train, so instead of using Chris Hunt's JNetCube, I used CubeTimes2Go for scrambles and timing. CubeTimes2Go is a great little iPAQ cube application written by a speedcubing friend, Grant Tregay.

Here are the details:
Fastest: 22.29 seconds
Slowest: 38.11 seconds
Average: 31.14 seconds

I also got a new best lucky solve: 22.29 seconds.


Paul F. said...

Jasmine, is the use of silicone (outside of being a great idea) legal in actual competition, or is it considered an unfair advantage?


Jasmine said...

Silicone is definitely allowed in competition! :)