Sunday, December 12, 2004

Yay for CompUSA

I'm very excited that I've finally been able to purchase a USB sync/charge cable for my new little iPAQ!

I've been having trouble acquiring this item because the reputable online stores didn't stock them and the physical stores didn't have them on the shelf. The only place I could find an hx4700 compatible USB sync/charge cable was at

Accessories are often more expensive if you buy them directly from HP, which is why I never have in the past. However, in this particular situation I was prepared to pay the extra dollars. Unfortunately I still couldn't get the cable because the HP online store only accepts US credit cards.

I had pretty much given up being able to get an hx4700 compatible USB sync/charge cable. Then, amazingly, when Peter and I were in CompUSA yesterday, I saw one sitting on the shelf! I couldn't believe my eyes. It was just sitting there waiting for me to buy it! :) And what's even better is that it was cheaper than at

CompUSA have by far the best range of PDA accessories on their shelves. I think the other major stores have given up stocking PDA accessories and just have a few token items on the shelf. This means that PDA accessories usually need to be purchased online. This is certainly true of memory cards.

Physical stores usually have a pretty crappy range of memory cards, which is why Peter and I just ordered several memory cards from CompUSA.

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