Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Peter loves his new iPod

Peter received his newly purchased whizzy fourth-generation-40GB-click-wheel-iPod yesterday. He's very excited - like me with a new iPAQ. ;)


Peter asked if I was interested in getting one too. I am, but only because it's a gadget and I love gadgets. I don't think I'm actually all that interested in having a portable music device. I don't have a discman and I wasn't sufficiently interested in MP3s to fill a 256mb SD card in my iPAQ, so it would probably be silly for me to purchase a 40GB iPod.

The iPod is very stylish. Style is important when it comes to gadgets. Many people just focus on functionality and features (which are key factors of course), but we shouldn't forget style. I know Jenneth would agree!

Jenneth had links to some great iPod cases, including a purple one which glows blue! Very pretty. Unfortunately the purple case is not compatible with the new fourth generation iPods so Peter will have to wait to get a cool case.

Cool iPod cases

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Beth said...

I think the iPod is beautiful too! I always play with my friends' ones but I haven't made the plunge myself...