Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Setting up Fastmail on a WM2003SE PPC using IMAP

I had a little trouble working out how to set-up my Fastmail email account on my new iPAQ hx4705 (running WM2003SE). I've now got it working so I thought I document the process so (i) I can refer back to it later if I forget, and (ii) I can maybe help others who've had the same problems.

Setting up Fastmail on the hx4705

  1. Make sure your iPAQ is online (whether this be via your laptop using the docking station, wirelessly using WiFi or some other means).

  2. Open the Inbox.

  3. Go to the Accounts menu at the bottom of the screen and select New Account.

  4. The Email Setup (1/5) screen will appear. Enter your full email address (not just your username) and tap Next.

    Email Setup 1

  5. The Email Setup (2/5) screen will appear. The iPAQ will attempt to automatically configure some of the email settings. After a short time you should see a message saying Status: Completed. Tap Next.

    Email Setup 2

  6. The Email Setup (3/5) screen will appear. Enter your name in the Your name: field. Enter your full email address (not just the username) in the User name: field, e.g. Enter your password in the Password: field. Tap Next.

    Email Setup 3

  7. The Email Setup (4/5) screen will appear. Select IMAP4 from the Account Type: drop-down menu. Enter a Name for the account. The Name can be anything you like, it's just so you can identify different accounts if you have multiple email accounts setup in your iPAQ's inbox. Tap Next.

  8. Email Setup 4

  9. The Email Setup (5/5) screen will appear. Enter into the Incoming mail: field. If you are on one of the paid Fastmail accounts (member, full or enhanced) then you can use Fastmail's SMTP server. This means you can enter into the Outgoing mail: field. If you are on the free guest Fastmail account, then you will have to use your ISP's SMTP server (contact your ISP for this information). When you have entered the appropriate details, tap Options.

  10. Email Setup 5

  11. The Options (1/3) screen appears. Choose the frequency of checking for messages. Tap Next.

    Email Options 1

  12. The Options (2/3) screen appears. I found that I had to have both Outgoing email server requires authentication and Require SSL connection selected, otherwise I could only receive messages but not send them.

    Email Options 2

  13. The Options (3/3) screen appears. Set the options you like here. Tap Finish.

  14. Email Options 3

  15. The list of Accounts screen should appear. Tap OK.
  16. To download your email, tap the send/receive icon send/receive icon in the bottom menu.

(Screenshots taken with Pocket Informant. Custom Wisbar Advance 2 skin seen in screenshots created by Juni.)

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