Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New best time on the 4x4x4: 140.52s

Among other events, I've registered to compete in the 4x4x4 at both the Dutch Open and the UK Open. I've only ever competed in this puzzle once before and that was quite a while ago (Worlds 2003).

I figured I'd better get practicing. My aim is to beat my previous competition record, which is 3 mins 28.02 seconds. I think this is achieveable. For me, a major concern with the 4x4x4 are the edge parity cases. Actually, I'm pretty comfortable with the permutation case, but the orientation one always makes me nervous. :/

Anyway, I was doing some 4x4x4 practice last night and got a new best time: 140.52 seconds. If I can get that time in competition then I'll be really happy. Actually, I think I'll be very happy with anything that's sub-3 mins.

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Lars Vandenbergh said...

Hi Jasmine,
that's good to hear that you're coming to Dutch Open and UK Open.

Keep practicing and see you next week!