Sunday, October 08, 2006

New best 4x4x4 average: 2 mins 44.67 seconds

4x4x4 cubeI've been gradually working my way through the re-stickering. It's pretty boring, so I've been interspersing the re-stickering with cubing.

I've just done a 4x4x4 average. I'm not sure what my previous best 4x4x4 average was, but it can't have been very interesting because I didn't post it to

Here are the details of the average I just completed.

Average: 2 mins 44.67 seconds
Fastest: 2 mins 25.80 seconds
Slowest: 3 mins 3.38 seconds
Individual times: 2 mins 47.41s, 2 mins 35.56s, 3 mins 2.96s, 2 mins 40.87s, 3 mins 1.82s, 2 mins 30.10s, 2 mins 29.45s, (3 mins 3.38s), 2 mins 48.48s, (2 mins 25.80s), 2 mins 38.76s, 2 mins 51.28s

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