Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pretty grey tabby with pink flower

A friend sent me this picture of a pretty grey kitty with a pink flower. The kitty looks a bit like Tiggy. What a lovely kitty.

Pretty grey kitty with pink flower
Photograph by Jodie Black


Joël said...

Why is this 'speedcuber.blogspot' and not 'kitty.blogspot'..?

Whaha, just joking ;).


Jasmine said...

Yeah, this month my blog has been quite kitty focused hasn't it! =^..^=

highTechFool said...

Gorgeous photo, thanks :)

Mika said...

One of the cutest photos I have ever seen. I have used it as a profile image in my eBay account.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

So glad you are all enjoying the picture of our cat Tigger. Just for your info, Tigger is 6 years old and lives in Montreal. He is quite friendly and has made friends with a few baby raccoons on our back deck.

Cheers Howard

Anonymous said...