Sunday, March 05, 2006

Guinness the tuxedo kitty

This lovely tuxedo kitty is Guinness. He lives with a friend of mine. Actually, Guinness shares his time between my friend's place and another family.

Guinness doesn't have a blog, but if he did, I bet he'd love to join the Tuxedo Gang. The Tuxedo Gang is a group blog written by other tuxie cats. Guinness (if you are reading this?) maybe you should tell all your beans to get you a laptop so you can blog too. BTW, for people not familiar with cat blogging, "beans" is what many cat bloggers call their pet people.

Sleepy Guinness
As you can see from his sleepy little face,
this photo was taken just after Guinness had woken up.

Sleepy Guinness
If you look closely at Guinness' tag
you will see that it's actually a Guinness logo

1 comment:

PJ said...

He has beautiful markings what a hansome cat!