Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Calico Girls have linked to me!

The Calico Girls (Patches Lady, Mitten Pollypaws and Mistrie Rose) have linked to me from their blog! This is such an honour, and it's the first time I've been linked to from a kitty cat's blog. :)

I've been reading a lot of kitty blogs on my iPAQ recently and the Calico Girls' blog is one of my favourites. I travel a lot and am currently living overseas, so can't adopt any kitties at the moment. I really miss having daily pats, cuddles, headbutts and purrs with little furries, so it's wonderful to read all these kitty blogs and see what they get up to each day. I feel like I'm getting to know these lovely kitties through their blogs and having online kitty friends makes me feel less sad about not having any kitties here with me.

Here are the beautiful Calico Girls (photos borrowed from The Calico Girls' blog, with purrmission of course!)

Patches Lady, one of The Calico Girls
Patches Lady

Mitten Pollypaws, one of The Calico Girls
Mittens Pollypaws

Mistrie Rose, one of The Calico Girls
Mistrie Rose


Patches & Mittens said...

Mom says you can be an honorary kitty mom to us. She said that is way special. She thanks you for the nice write up....we thank you too!

Derby said...

Hi Jasmine. Derby here, a friend of Patches. Come visit me and lots of other kitties on

You can even feed us cyber treats. Or stop by my blog.

Fat Eric said...

Hi Jasmine! The Calico Girls sent me here. I am glad you like my blog. I am in London like you! Always nice to "meet" another blogger.

The Meezers said...

Hi Jasmine! We came here from Patches blog. We are friends wif Patches, Mittens and Mistrie Rose. We wish you could have a poodin of your own, but maybe some day when you're not moving or overseas. - Miles and Sammy

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Hi Jasmine,

The Calico Girls are sooooo nice and their Mom is a very wise and talented lady. Nice to meet you and we'll add you to our blog too if that's ok.

Mia and Ghost said...

Hi, Jasmine - we found you on the Calico Girls bloggy. Nice to meet you... Welcome to the cat blogging community.

Athena said...

Hi Jasmine! I don't have a bloggie yet but I loves the Calico Girls (and Eric!). I looks like Mistrie Rose but, um, littler.

Jasmine said...

Hi Athena! When are you getting your own blog? It's so much fun!