Monday, December 05, 2005

New best single solve and average on the 5x5x5

Yesterday I got a new best single solve time on the 5x5x5, and a new best average.

My new best single solve time (5 mins 30.55 seconds) was the fastest solve of my first 5x5x5 average yesterday. As my times seemed to be going well I decided to do a few more solves and watch the rolling average. A couple of solves later and my average had dropped to 6 mins 28.87 seconds!

Here are the details:
Average: 388.87 (6 mins 28.87 seconds)
Fastest: 330.55s (5 mins 30.55 seconds)
Slowest: 444.17s (7 mins 24.17 seconds)
Individual times: 399.24, 436.53, 367.04, 372.11, 419.25, 361.76, 403.20, (330.55), 402.38, 350.91, (444.17), 376.27.

Solved 5x5x5 cube

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