Thursday, December 08, 2005

Awesome Rubik's Cube photo

I was browsing the website of a speedcubing friend, Joël van Noort, and saw this awesome arty photo of a Rubik's Cube. I thought to myself "that arty cube photo is so cool, I want to put it on my site too!"

So, I went to the source of the Rubik's Cube photo (Toni Blay) and asked permission to use it (which was granted). The photo is so cool that I wanted to use it in more than just one blog entry, so I've purpled it and used it as the new main image in my banner graphic. Pretty cool hey?

Arty photo of Rubik's Cube by Toni Blay
Arty Rubik's Cube photo by Toni Blay


Michiel van der Blonk said...

Did you find this one because of my post on the group? It was about the rubiks flickr group. If not you can still have a look at that group.
Anyway, nice pic. Ciao!

Jasmine said...

I remember your post to the group about the Flickr Rubiks photo collection! :) I don't think that's how I found it though. I think someone else had posted a separate message with a direct link to this photo? Maybe it was a reply to your original post?

Joël said...

Very original.


DrT said...

I would like to know if I can use your pics for a model that I am developing in my doctorate thesis. It would represent the complexity of the core competencies of Strategic Leadership. Thank You Tony

BTW, my 14 yr. old daughter is named Jasmine as well. Nice photos.