Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ordered cubesmith.com stickers

As all speedcubers know, the original stickers that come with the Rubik's cube are not very good. They wear out very quickly, especially the orange stickers. The orange stickers are almost falling off the cube after 2 weeks.

The answer to this problem is: www.cubesmith.com. Lots of cubers around the world have bought stickers from the Cubesmith and they all rave about how they are the best stickers ever. And that's not all. The Cubesmith also makes stickers for the 4x4x4 (Rubik's and Eastsheen), the 5x5x5 (Rubik's and Eastsheen), the Megaminx, the Square-1 and many more.

I've been meaning to order some cubesmith.com stickers for quite some time now and just haven't got around to doing it. However, with two competitions coming up (Dutch Open and Worlds), I really need to get some decent stickers, so I have finally placed an order!

scrambled cube


Lhiannee said...

Hi Jasmine!
Why do the orange ones fall off and not any of the other colors? when are your next championships? and will you be doing a media blitz again?! :)


Carson said...

I ordered some of these stickers a few days ago... I am anxiously awaiting there arrival. I got some of the "extra bright" orange ones also. :D

Anonymous said...

yea ftw orange stickers suck, i never understood why theyre less durable simply because of their color