Monday, October 03, 2005

Apparently you can still get books made of paper and ink

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in a very long time. I started reading an old fashioned style book. By "old fashioned" I mean a book that's made of paper and ink. Makes me feel like I'm back in the stone ages! ;)

Ever since I got my iPAQ hx4705 I declared that I would only read books in ebook form. However, there was one book for which I'd said I'd make an exception - Harry Potter 6. The reasons for the exception are:

(i) Peter and I have HP1-5 in old style books and it would be nice to continue the collection;
(ii) Peter also wants to read HP6 and is not yet convinced by ebooks; and
(iii) HP6 is not available in ebook form.
HP6 is a reasonably long book (over 600 pages) and it felt weird to be holding a physical book again. I'd definitely never go back to this form long term. In fact, lack of availability in ebook form would now pretty much be a reason for me to veto a book altogether!

Anyway, I'm now one chapter into HP6 and I'm already enjoying it more than HP5. I wasn't a huge fan of HP5. It definitely ranks bottom of my HP preference list.


Marissa said...

I appreciate the convenience of ebooks, but for me there's something not quite right about them. I like books as physical objects. Somehow I feel less emotionally connected with ebooks.

Jasmine said...

I feel that way about Rubik's Cubes (yes, laugh as hard as you like!). I have iPAQ cubes, but I never use them. I find it much more satisfying to solve the real 3D object rather than one rendered on a screen.