Monday, October 10, 2005

Dutch Rubiks Open this weekend

The Dutch Rubiks Open is this weekend and I'm excited! It's going to be quite international as there will be competitors from 9 countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Czech Republic and Norway) participating this weekend. Should be lots of fun. :)

I've registered to compete in three events: the 3x3x3 speedsolve, the Rubik's Clock and the Rubik's Magic. Peter is registered for the Rubik's Magic. This will be my third official Rubiks competition and Peter's first. Well, actually, this is the third official Rubik's competition that Peter has attended, but the first in which he is competing. :)

I was a bit concerned the other day when I wanted to do some Clock practice and couldn't find my Clock! I had thought it was in my puzzle box with my other puzzles, but it wasn't. Dearie Me! It's all okay now though because I found it in a drawer at work today. I'd taken it in to show someone and had forgotten to take it home again.

scrambled cube

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Marissa said...

Good luck! I know you and Peter will make Australia proud :-)