Saturday, September 03, 2005

Puzzling World

I came across Puzzling World a while ago when Googling puzzle sites. It was not quite what I expected, but looks kinda cool anyway.

Puzzling World is in Wanaka, New Zealand. It has a variety of puzzles and mazes, including a maze which is two storeys high and has 1.5 kilometres of passages (for my American friends, 1.5 kms is a little under 1 mile).

I've never been to New Zealand*, but if I do I shall try to make it to Wanaka so I can visit Puzzling World. If there were ever a New Zealand Rubik's Championship, this would be a great venue for it.

Puzzling World in Wanaka, New Zealand

(* This is not entirely true, I have actually been to Auckland International Airport several times on the way to other locations. This doesn't really count though. All I saw was the inside of the airport while changing planes.)


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Colin said...

George and I went to Puzzling World in 2003. It was great - they have the maze you mentioned which has several levels. There is also a room which is deliberately built at a funny angle (15 degrees or so), so as you're walking around the room you feel like you're the one on the funny angle.

There's also plenty of small puzzles to play with and then purchase from the shop. Worth a visit.

Jasmine said...

Colin - were there any cubes in the gift shop??