Thursday, September 08, 2005

Average of 10: new personal best time (29.08s)

I broke my average of 10 record last night at the Camden Lock puzzle meeting.

Here are the details of the average:

Average: 29.08s
Fastest: 25.80s
Slowest: 34.07s
Individual times: (25.80), 30.08, 32.41, 29.13, 26.21, 28.65, 28.08, 27.96, (34.07), 28.94, 30.68, 28.67.

For scrambles and timing I used Doug Reed's iCube iPAQ cube timer on my iPAQ hx4705.

Solved cube


Koen Heltzel said...

Very cool Jasmine :)

I recently assured myself that a 3-look LL isn't that restricting at all, and 2 days ago I got a 20.04 average with it.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Dutch Open!

- Koen

Jasmine said...

Ages ago I posted a message to the speedcubing group asking what the potential was for 3-look LL. A couple of cubers did some sample solves and posted their times.

One of the cubers who replied was Lars Vandenbergh. He was able to get a sub-20s average using just a 3-look LL! I don't think I'll be able to get as fast with a 3-look LL, but it still convinced me that it is possible to achieve very fast times without learning an enormous number of algorithms.

I don't think I could get to a 20s average with a 3-look LL, but maybe a 25s average is possible for me at some point in the distant future?

My current aim is just to get my real average down to sub-30s.

See you in Eindhoven!