Saturday, August 28, 2004

You have bad taste in music

This guy stands outside concert venues and, with megaphone in hand, informs the concertgoers that they have bad taste in music. He instructs that the way to deal with this problem is to follow his three simple steps:

  • Do not attend the concert
  • Stop listening to music
  • Turn off the radio and television

I laughed at the video of him outside the Justin Timberlake concert, but then I saw the video of him outside an Evanescence concert. I actually quite like Evanescence and went to their concert last month!


Lyn said...

Evanescence?? sigh.

They don't wake me up inside, is all I'm saying.

Jasmine said...

I actually wasn't so into the concert, but that was a me + concerts thing, not an Evanescence thing. I've played their CD zillions of times! :)

I think the Evanescence concert was the first live performance I've been to since about 1990 which wasn't (i) a musical; (ii) an opera; or (iii) to see a group without the word 'orchestra' in the title. I don't think 'rock' concerts are my scene. :/