Sunday, August 22, 2004

So, what's a speedcuber?

A speedcuber is someone who solves the Rubik's cube. Really, really fast.

I first solved the cube in 1987 and have been solving on and off since then. Back in 1987, my average time was about 1 minute + 20 seconds and my fastest time was 50 seconds. I thought I was *fast*. I realised that this was incorrect when I discovered the online speedcubing community in 2002.

Through the speedcubing discussion forum, I was amazed to learn that my times were actually quite slow by international standards. The things these guys could do seemed not humanly possible! But clearly they were possible because I'd just downloaded a video and watched someone solve the cube in under 15 seconds! This inspired me to get faster.

So, several years later - after a world championships, a national championships, lots of new algorithms and much practise - my average has dropped from 80 seconds to 40 seconds and my fastest single solve has dropped to 23.12 seconds (I've only just submitted this to so the unofficial records list may not have been updated yet). I'm still a long way behind the super speedcubers, but at least I'm getting closer.

BTW, my fastest official time is 46.28 seconds. Official times are times set at official competitions and under official competition conditions. Unofficial times are all other times.

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