Sunday, August 22, 2004

Take a look at this, Peter. Creating a blog *can* be easy.

Peter spent much of the afternoon reading his brother's blog. He seemed to be finding it highly amusing and at several points he'd say "maybe I need a blog". To which I'd reply "maybe you should set one up then". I reminded him that several of our friends use, or have used, Blogspot (eg. Beth, Lyn, Doug, Marissa) and suggested that might be the answer. Peter, not satisfied with this, resolved to call his brother late tonight to ask what blogging engine he was using. I say 'late tonight' because Peter and I are currently in a different time zone to Michael (I shall explain the time zone thing later).

After returning from a late evening session of M. Night Shyamalan's The Village (which, by the way, was fantastic), Peter called Michael. Turns out that Michael, who is a software engineer, had written his own code which was not really suitable for what Peter wanted. He suggested that Peter should have a look at a geeky piece of open source sofware called Blosxom.

I had a quick look at the site and concluded that it was much more complicated than using Blogger. So, while Peter was investigating Blosxom and wondering whether he had the right Perl something-or-other installed, I created a Blogger account and started writing my first enty.

I am now almost finished my first entry and I don't think Peter is actually any closer to having a blog. He said something about needing to configure stuff on his ISP's server while having a mirror environment on his laptop. I suspect his attention span may not be up to this task. Or, in his usual fashion, he may feel the need to check out every single blogging engine on the internet before deciding to wait a million years for one that is still being written.


Anonymous said...

My rigorous analysis of all blogging options continues.

I will have something online "soon".


Michiel van der Blonk said...

Congratz on the blog. Mine is in Dutch, I'll put a translate button on it, that's an idea. Have a look at it.