Sunday, October 21, 2007

New best 3x3x3 average of 100: 27.99s

Spinning Rubik's CubeI got a new best average of 100 yesterday. Here are the details.

Average of 100: 27.99s
Best time: 21.81s
Worst time: 39.10s
Breakdown of solves: sub-30s solves: 77%; sub-29s solves: 67%; sub-28s solves: 57%; sub-27s solves: 41%; sub-26s solves: 26%; sub-25s solves: 15%; sub-24s solves: 7%; sub-23s solves: 2%; sub-22s solves: 1%; sub-21s: 0%; sub-20s: 0%


Anonymous said...

i've been wondering what ever became of that husband of yours. is he STILL on the planet, or doing a Major Tom as usual?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jasmine!

100 cubes! Wow, that's hardcore cubing! Congratz on the average ;).

- Joël.