Monday, October 15, 2007

New best 3x3x3 average: 24.56 seconds

Spinning Rubik's CubeI was totally on a roll this morning and I beat my best average for the 3x3x3 by over 1.5 seconds! This is a huge margin in speedcubing terms, so I'm very excited.

It's very rare for me to do 12 consecutive sub-30s solves, let alone 12 consecutive sub-28s solves since my real average is around 28 seconds. And of the 10 solves which count in the average, they are all sub-27s!! Here are the details...

Average: 24.56 seconds
Fastest: 22.35 seconds
Slowest: 27.22 seconds
Individual times: 25.43, 25.21, 23.20, 26.49, 24.06, 23.29, (27.22), 25.26, 25.06, 23.45, 24.12, (22.35).

What's the reason for the inspiration? Well, as usual, I've been practicing more since Worlds than I did before Worlds. I always feel very inspired after a big cube competition. Perhaps I should just see this as very early practice for Worlds 2009!

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Anonymous said...


That's very great... Getting a 27 ignored as slowest time ;).

Yeah, worlds also gave me a boost in my motivation. I know exactly how that works.

- Joël.