Sunday, September 02, 2007

Party animal

From Himalayan high for cat who cleaned up at party

"A Double Bay man got more than he bargained for when he took his highly agitated kitten to a veterinary clinic after it had been accidentally locked in a cupboard overnight - only to discover it was high on cocaine and benzodiazepines from a wild weekend dinner party." read more

Coked up kitty
Dearie me. Not good.

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Matt said...

Hi Jasmine! How are you? Some Cat news....Guinness's owners have moved but they didn't take him with them :( Poor thing. He's happy though as things are much the same as always for him. Also some sad news... this little ginger stray turned up and rushed through our front door had something to eat and went to sleep under my chair. I asked around and someone said they had seen him over the road for the last few weeks so I put him back over. A few hours later I heard a commotion in the back garden and Guinness was snarling at him having chased the poor thing up a tree. Anyway, I carried him back over and rang the cat protection for advice - they told me I had done the right thing. But I obviously hadn't because next day I found his dead body under our hedge. I don't know what had happened to the poor thing. Anyway, sorry to put a downer on things... Matt