Thursday, September 06, 2007

Looking for a PDA phone

I've never had a converged PDA/smartphone before, having always preferred to keep my PDA and phone separate. However, since the manufacturers are pulling out of the high-end PDA market, if I want a new whizzy device, it's going to have to be a converged one.

iPAQ hx4700I love my current PDA, the HP hx4700. What I was really looking for is a device which is basically the same, but with more:

-> processer - more powerful! faster!
-> main memory - more!
-> iPAQ File Store - more!
-> O/S - upgraded! (I'm still using WM2003SE)

Also, I'd want the device to keep all the things I love about the hx4700, including the large screen (pretty rare these days), dual expansion slots, amazing high resolution screen, etc. Unfortunately, such a device does not exist, other than in the hopes and imagination of other hx4700 fans. :/

I'm not too worried about the size and weight of the device. I'm happy for it to be on the heavier side if it means I can have a larger screen and more power/memory. Other thing is that I'm more interested in value-for-money than actual price. I don't mind if it's a little on the pricey side if you get a lot for your money and it's really packed full of features, power, memory, etc.

I really don't know much about converged devices, so I posted on the PocketPCThoughts for advice. Someone suggested I look at the HTC Hermes 100 and the HTC Kaiser, which I will. A friend also suggested the HTC Touch. If anyone has other suggestions, please leave me a comment!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine!

I'm really interested in your progress on choosing a new PDA / PDA Phone.

More posts!

Great blog. We heard that you were on JJJ for the cube WCs as well!

Mark (from Ellie and Mark)