Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brrm, brrrm, brrrrrrrm!

The most exciting news of the weekend is that we bought a car!

Ford Focus ZX5
It's got some fun stuff that we've never had in our other cars, including a sun roof and seat warmers! Something it doesn't have is an automatic transmission. Peter much prefers manual cars, and I always preferred them in Australia too. However, when we've hired cars over here, they've always been automatics, so I was kinda getting used to automatics. Apparently most people over here buy automatic cars.

Ford Focus ZX5
The prerequisite to all this is that we had to get local driver's licences, or 'licenses' as they would spell it here. In some countries (e.g. the UK) and in some parts of the US, they let Australians swap over their Australian driver's licence for an American one. This is a state-by-state issue, and in Virginia you can't just swap over. So we had to go through the whole process, e.g. road sign test, knowledge test, driving test, etc.


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Very nice!

And it has a sun roof! That's the only thing I miss about my old car.