Friday, August 24, 2007

Brian Bay? Almond Land? Drunk Island?

Tourism website have compiled a list of funny misspellings used in their search tool for some popular Australian destinations. Well, some of these destinations are popular (e.g. Byron, Uluru, Cairns), I'd argue that some are not quite so popular! (e.g. Wagga? Dubbo?)

  1. Brian Bay (Byron Bay)

  2. The Big Red Rock (Uluru)

  3. Cans (Cairns)

  4. Clowndra (Caloundra)

  5. Dumbo (Dubbo)

  6. Wogga Wogga (Wagga Wagga)

  7. Erinsborough and Summer Bay (fictional locations from Neighbours and Home & Away)

  8. Almond Land (Arnhem Land)

  9. Drunk Island (Dunk Island)

  10. Permission Beach (Mission Beach)

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