Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Textured Rubik's Cube

Check out this 'touch and feel' textured Rubik's Cube. Instead of six different colours, the cube has six different textures: wood, metal, rubber, plastic, stone and textile.

spinning Rubik's Cube


David Jeffery said...


Would being able to feel as well as see the patterns mean you could solve it more quickly?

Patrick said...

hi Jasmine! i recently bought a rubix cube and was flustered on how difficult it was to solve it, and i would just marvel at the speedcubers and ppl who could actualli solve the cube at skool. but with your beginner rubik's solutions, i was able to easily understand how to solve a rubik's cube so i'd just like to say thnx alot!! =] nice textured cube btw hehe