Thursday, June 08, 2006

Average of 10: new personal best time (26.21s)

I got a new best average! 26.21s :)

Average: 26.21s
Fastest: 18.43s
Slowest: 31.69s
Individual times: 27.69, 25.19, 26.67, 25.12, 27.08, 31.01, (31.69), 23.71, (18.43), 23.97, 25.02, 26.67.

The 18.43s was pretty cool, but it was a PLL skip, so it was a lucky solve. Still chasing that elusive non-lucky sub-20s!!

spinning Rubik's Cube
For scrambles and timing I used Doug Reed's iCube iPAQ cube timer on my iPAQ hx4705.

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