Monday, February 28, 2005

Firefox vs Internet Explorer

I've been using Internet Explorer for years. Why IE? Well, like most people who use IE, it's probably habit more than anything else. It installs with XP so it's pretty easy to just use what's there.

Anyway, a while ago I started having problems with my computer. IE became so unstable that it was unusable. There were other problems too, so I knew a rebuild was on the cards. In the meantime, I decided to install another web browser so I could by until the rebuild.

I installed several web browsers and my favourite was definitely Firefox.

Get Firefox
I was able to set up everything the way I like it (and similar to the way I'd had things set up in IE), and I had the added benefit of a more stable browser. Another pro is that if Firefox does go wonky on my machine I can just re-install it. When IE goes wonky you have to re-install the whole XP operating system!!

My machine has now been rebuilt and IE is up and running again. However, I was so happy with Firefox that I've decided to continue using it as my primary web browser. Unfortunately, I still have to use IE for some things as not all developers design things to be browser independent. Oh well.


Jon Morris said...


I use Firefox as well, but my favorite browser is Avant Browser. It is just a shell for IE though. So if IE is messed up then chances are Avant will be too. Give it a try.

Jasmine said...

Avant Browser? Is that related to AvantGo? I use AvantGo on my iPAQ to retrieve new channels!